[Video] Arming Modes

[Video] Arming Modes

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The difference in arming modes - Stay, Away, Night

Arming Stay - Use while occupying the residence.  This arming mode will not activate the motion sensors.  It will only arm the windows and door sensors

Arming Away - Use this mode when you are away from the residence.  It will activate the motion sensors as well as all door/window sensors  for maximum security.

Arming Night - This mode is the same as arming the stay mode, however it will arm immediately without an exit delay. 

*Note: to silence your audible countdown for any arming mode, you can click on the bell / speaker icon located on the top left of your app screen.  This can also be enabled or disabled from your touchpad. The clock icon on the right of your screen is used for disabling the entry delay.  

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