Turnip Video Doorbell

Turnip Video Doorbell

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The Turnip Video Doorbell is designed to easily add an exterior video monitoring solution. With its elegant design, it effortlessly blends into your home while providing an extra layer of security.


Powerkit Installation 

Shut off the electricity at the breaker that controls the doorbell's circuit.

Insert one end of the wire harness the power kit. 

Remove the cover from your mechanical chime. 

Remove the existing chime wires in the terminals named TRANS and FRONT. 


Connect the wire harness to the chime's terminals named TRANS and FRONT. 

Insert the existing chime wire and the other end of the wire harness into the wire connector and twist it tightly. Repeat this step with the other chime wire. 

Wiring overview 

. Mount the power kit to the side of the chime 

. Put back the chime cover 

Doorbell Mounting

Shut off the electricity at the breaker that controls the doorbell's circuit.

(Optional) Paste the plate foam to the mounting plate. 

Insert the mini-level into the mounting plate and mark the drill points when its bubble stays in the middle. 

Drill holes according to drill points and insert anchors. 

Fix the mounting plate to the wall. 

Connect doorbell with your existing doorbell wires 

Fix the doorbell to the mounting plate by inserting the doorbell screws.

Restore the electricity at the breaker.

The doorbell is powered on when its indicator flashes blue quickly. If not, make sure your electricity is off and check the wiring. If yes, proceed to the doorbell setup. 

Add to Turnip HQ

Add a camera to the Turnip HQ app 

  • Log in to your account using the Turnip HQ app. 
  • From the Turnip HQ app Camera screen, tap “+” on the upper-right hand corner to go to the scan QR code interface. 

  • Scan the QR Code on the bottom of the camera.  
  • Enter the verification code located on the bottom of the camera.  
  • Follow the app wizard to finish the Wi-Fi configuration.

Put the faceplate back and insert two security screws into the bottom of the doorbell to secure the faceplate. 


The Turnip Video Doorbell

Replaces any wired doorbell switch, relaying night, and day video to a smartphone. With a vertical FOV, the 1080 HD camera captures a person’s face or package in the same frame. A motion sensor triggers capture to the Alula cloud for on-demand clip recall. Live 2-way communications are controlled through the mobile app. 

  • 2.2mm lens, H.264/MJPEG 
  • Dual-stream, 3D DNR, 7.5m IR 
  • 16GB MicroSD card included 
  • Built-in microphone and speaker; PIR human detection; Infrared Night Vision 
  • Built-in 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi, 8V~24VAC power supply
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