Turnip Smart Home Kit Set-up

Turnip Smart Home Kit Set-up

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Thank you for securing your home with a Turnip Smart Home Kit!

This page will walk you through the setup process of your new kit.

Install the Turnip Smart Home System in the following order:

1. Connect the Turnip Hub

2. Mount intrusion sensors

  • Motion Sensor
  • Entry Sensor
  • Glassbreak
  • Tilt Sensor

3. Mount environmental sensors

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Flood & Temp Sensor

4. Connecting cameras

  • Indoor Mini
  • Indoor 360
  • Outdoor Bullet
  • Video Doorbell

5. Turnip HQ App

  • Changing the default password
  • Changing default PIN
  • Users
  • Arming Modes
  • Cameras

For installation follow the above order based on the items included with your Turnip Smart Home Kit. If you wish to add additional equipment please contact us at support@turniphome.com.

1. Connecting the Turnip Hub

The Turnip Hub communicates with all your other Turnip hardware, for optimal performance please place the unit as centrally as possible in your home.

Assemble the Turnip Hub by removing it from the packaging and attaching the optional stand to the bottom. 

Plugin the ethernet cable to the back of the Hub followed by the power adapter.

You should see the lights on the Hub light up, please allow a few minutes for the Hub to connect to your internet and perform any required updates. 

2. Mounting Intrusion Sensors

All intrusion sensors selected at the time of purchase will be programmed before delivery, allowing for a quick pick and peel installation. 

Once you've connected the Turnip Hub as described above pull the battery tab from your sensor, you should hear the Hub make an audible chime, confirming the connection to the Hub.  Secondly, peel off the protective backing from the adhesive surface and stick the sensor onto the intended surface.

That's it! You've successfully installed your intrusion sensors.

For detailed instructions for specific sensors please navigate to the specific product page. 

Motion Sensor Entry Sensor | Glassbreak | Tilt Sensor

3. Mounting Environmental Sensors

Expanding the capabilities of your Turnip Smart Home system is easy by adding all or some of the available environmental sensors. 

Each sensor comes preprogrammed to your Turnip Home system for simple installation.

Installing Carbon and Smoke Sensors:

Open the sensor and pull the battery tab, you will hear an audible chime, confirming the connection to the Hub.

Each sensor will come with the required mounting hardware - Screws and Anchors

Once you've determined where you wish to mount the sensors, with the sensor still open, take the backing and mark the intended installation site for anchors.

Predrill the drywall and install the included anchors, place sensor backing against the drywall, and fasten to the anchors.

Attach the front of the sensor onto the mounted backing. 

You've now successfully installed your smoke/carbon sensor. 

Installing the Flood & Temp Sensor:

Remove the sensor and pull the battery tab, you will hear an audible chime, confirming the connection to the Hub.

Place on the floor at the location you wish to monitor for floods. 

You've now successfully installed your flood sensor.

For detailed instructions for specific sensors please navigate to the specific product page. 

Smoke Sensor Carbon Monoxide Sensor | Flood Sensor 

4. Connecting Turnip Cameras

All Turnip Home cameras are capable of connecting to your home internet using wifi with the option for hardwired ethernet connections as well, with the exception of the Indoor Mini - which is wifi only.

Please note that for an optimal camera experience adequate wifi speeds are required. 

Minimum Recommended Wifi Upload Speed:

2.0 Mbps Upload 

For systems with more than 1 camera, it is recommended that your minimum upload speed is multiplied for each additional camera.

Connecting the Camera to Wifi

Power on the camera by plugging it into a power outlet, we recommend completing this step in a convenient location. Once connected the camera can be unplugged and moved to the desired installation site - this applied to outdoor cameras as well. 

Start by resetting the camera - hold the reset button on the camera for 10 seconds. Allow the camera to fully reset before moving onto the following steps. The LED light will blink blue when the camera is ready to be paired. 

The setup process for cameras will require you to download and install the Turnip HQ app on your mobile device. 

iOS  | Android

Once in the application please complete the following steps:

  • Log into the application using the credential provided with your order.
  • From the camera tab in the Turnip, HQ App press on the "+" icon on the upper right-hand corner to go to the scan QR code interface.
  • Scan the QR code on the camera
  • Follow the app wizard to complete the installation

The camera should now be connected to your home wifi and Turnip HQ app. If you wish to relocate the camera you may 

For detailed mounting instructions for specific cameras please navigate to the specific product page. 

Indoor Mini Indoor 360 | Outdoor Bullet | Video Doorbell 

5. Turnip HQ

Changing the default application password

We strongly encourage all new users to change their default password when first logging into the Turnip HQ app.

To reset your password:

  • Open the Turnip HQ app
  • Click on "Forgot Password"
  • Enter your username
  • You will receive a reset email to the email Turnip Home has on file 
  • Follow the instructions in order to create a new password

Changing the default PIN code

We strongly encourage all new users to change their default PIN code after successfully installing their Turnip Smart Home System.

To change your PIN code:

  • Open the Turnip HQ app
  • Go into settings
  • Select Manage Users
  • Select your account
  • Select "System Options"
  • Change the PIN Code
  • Select save

Adding Users

By default the account owner will be the master user if you wish to create additional users for other members of the household follow the steps below:

  • Open the settings menu in the Turnip HQ app.
  • Under "manage users" click the "+" icon in the top right corner.
  • Fill out the new user form and tap "create". 
  • Once the new user is created, click on their user account and grant them access to the system by tapping on the slider icon.
  • You may also assign a different PIN code to the user under "system options"

Arming Modes

Your Turnip Smart Home System has access to three different arming modes depending on specific scenarios.

Arm Stay

When you arm in Stay Mode, only the door and window sensors are armed by default. This mode should be used when someone wants to stay home and secure the property.

Arm Away

When you arm in Away Mode, all sensors are armed by default. This mode should be used when no one is at the property.

Arm Night

When you are in Night Mode, your system will arm immediately with no countdown notifications from the panel. Similar to stay mode, only doors and windows will be armed.


No security sensors inside your home are armed. This is useful when you are at home and want the freedom to go in and out easily. If you have environmental sensors in your home they will always be active, regardless of the arming state.


Accessing your cameras is simple with the Turnip HQ app. Simply open the app and select the cameras tap, this will bring up all the connected cameras.

For live view, select the camera you wish to view and click on the camera icon. This will bring up a real-time video feed for you to review.

To view recorded clips, tap on the play button to the right of the camera icon. This will bring up all your saved clips for the specific date you have selected. If you wish to change the date tap on the calendar icon on the top right and choose your desired date. 

Thank you for choosing Turnip Home, you have now successfully installed your Turnip Smart Home System. 

For additional support please contact us by opening a support ticket. 

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