Turnip Indoor Mini

Turnip Indoor Mini

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The Turnip Indoor Mini is designed to easily add a video monitoring solution to any room. With its elegant design, it effortlessly blends into your decor while providing an extra layer of security. 



Plug the power cable into the camera and to the power adapter and then into a power outlet, as shown in the figure below. The LED indicator will flash red and blue when the camera is ready for setup.  

Camera Setup

Add a camera to the Turnip HQ app 

  • Log in to your account using the Alula app. 
  • From the Alula app Home screen, tap “+” on the upper right-hand corner to go to the scan QR code interface.  

  • Scan the QR Code on the bottom of the camera. 
  • Enter the verification code located on the bottom of the camera. 
  • Follow the app wizard to finish the Wi-Fi configuration. 


Installing the Metal Plate 

(Optional) Pick a clean and flat surface and secure the metal plate to the desired position with the foam stickers or screws (not included). 

  • There’s a magnet piece inside the camera. You can skip this step if the surface is made of metal. 

Installing the Camera 

Secure the camera magnetically to the metal plate or metal surface (see figure below). 

Completing Installation

 Adjust the camera angle as required. 



Q: "The device is offline.” or “The device is not registered.” prompts appear when adding the camera using the Turnip HQ App.


  1. Make sure the network, which the camera is connected to is working properly and the router’s DHCP is enabled.
  2. Hold down the RESET button for 10s to reset the settings if you change the network parameters. 

Q: The mobile phone cannot receive alarm prompts when the camera is online. 


  1. Make sure the Alula app is running on your mobile phone.
  2. For Android OS mobile phone, make sure the app is running in the background; and for iOS mobile phones, enable the message push function in “Settings > Notification”. 

Q: Does the camera support power via USB devices or a portable battery. 

A: It’s advised to use the standard power adapter to provide a stable voltage supply. 


Turnip Indoor Mini 

Indoor security monitoring made simple! With a magnetic base, the Alula Indoor Mini Camera makes for a versatile and quick install, blending into any environment. Delivering High-def 720p or 1080p video, two-way audio, and clear-as-day night vision, the compact camera balances affordable cost and top-notch performance.

  •  720p Video 
  • 111° / 135° Wide-Angle Lens 
  • Infrared Night Vision 
  • 16GB MicroSD card included 
  • Built-in microphone and speaker 
  • Built-in 2.4G Wi-Fi, 5VDC power supply
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