Turnip Indoor 360

Turnip Indoor 360

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The Turnip Indoor 360 is designed to easily add a 360 video monitoring solution to any room. With its elegant design, it effortlessly blends into your decor while providing an extra layer of security.  



Plug the power cable into the camera, and then plug the power adapter into an outlet as shown in the figure below. The LED indicator will flash red and blue when the camera is ready for setup.

LED Status Indicators

Flashing Blue: The network is properly connected.

Solid Red: The device is activating.

Slowly Flashing Red: Invalid network connection. 

Fastly Flashing Red: MicroSD card or other error occurred.

Flashing Blue and Red: Camera is ready for Wi-Fi setup.

Turn on the camera and let it power up. The camera will completely rotate side-to-side and tilt up-and-down once. 

Camera Set-up

Create a user account 

  • Connect your mobile phone to Wi-Fi using your 2.4GHz network. 
  • Search for "Alula" in the App Store or Google Play (TM). 
  • Download and install the Alula app. 
  • Launch the app. 

Adding a camera to Alula 

  • Log in to your account using the Turnip HQ app. 
  • Tap "+" on the Home page to go to the Scan QR Code interface. 

  • Scan the QR Code on the camera.

  • Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network.
  • Select the correct time zone and DST information.
  • Follow the app wizard to finish the Wi-Fi configuration.
  • If the camera fails to connect to your Wi-Fi network, press and hold the Reset button for 10s and repeat the steps above.
  • To select another Wi-Fi network, press and hold the Reset button for 10s to reboot the device. When the LED indicator flashes red and blue, you can choose a new Wi-Fi network.

Angle Adjustment 

You can adjust the camera via the Turnip HQ app to get an optimum angle. The panning angle ranges from 0° to 340°, and the tilting angle ranges from -15° to 105°. 

Mounting (Optional) 

The camera can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. 

  1. Place the drill template onto the surface you have chosen to mount the camera. 
  2. (For cement wall/ceiling only) Drill screw holes according to the template and insert three expansion screws. 
  3. Use three metal screws to fix the camera base according to the template.

        4. Install the camera on the base, and turn it 15° to secure it.

        5. Connect the power cable to the camera. If the camera was previously connected to the Wi-Fi network, it will automatically connect to the same Wi-Fi network.



Turnip Indoor 360 

Instant visual control with the Turnip HQ app, panning and tilting remotely for the perfect 360° panoramic view. On movement detection, the Indoor 360 Camera automatically records a video event, delivering mobile app notifications in real-time. With 2MP resolution, high-fidelity comes standard. An on-board microphone and speaker enable 2-way communications, no matter where your customers are. 


  • 1080p y 360° Horizontal FOV 
  • Two-Way Audio 
  • Infrared Night Vision 
  • 16GB MicroSD card included 
  • 360° Horizontal View  
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