Turnip Home Overview

System Overview

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The Turnip Smart Home Kit has been designed to provide our customers with smart and effective home security. 

Our Wireless Sensor technology allows for a simplified installation process, allowing for faster installation times and minimal property alterations.

The heart of your system, The Turnip Hub connects directly to your internet modern via ethernet with secure two-way encryption, leaving you in complete control of your system at all times. 

With the addition of Turnips Environmental sensors, protect your home from Flood, Freezing, Fire, and Carbon monoxide. Unlike traditional disaster sensors, your Turnip system will alert you when such events are detected, providing you with more time to react. Additionally, with our recommended Live Monitored solution, emergency services are alerted immediately in order to provide the fastest response possible. 

Your Turnip System can be expanded even further with our available Outdoor and Indoor HD Wifi cameras. With

Integrated two-way audio built into all models, increase deterrence with detection alerts - audible notifications that alert individuals that the camera has detected motion, and is recording.  Full 1080p video provides you with remote surveillance at all times, combined with industry-leading night vision, you'll never be left in the dark.  

For troubleshooting please refer to the other sections or visit our FAQ page. 

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