Turnip Flood & Temp Sensor

Turnip Flood & Temp Sensor

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The Turnip Flood & Temp Sensor is an integrated environmental sensor that detects flood conditions and reports extreme temperatures. It also reports air temperature allowing custom high and low-temperature trip points to be set in the panel. 


Install by placing the sensor in the location requiring flood or temperature detection. If desired, the wall clip can be used to secure the sensor to a wall or baseboard.

Optional Screw Mounting 

• Remove the wall clip from the sensor body. 

• Secure the clip to a wall, baseboard, or cupboard using a #6 screw. 

• Slide the sensor body down onto the wall clip until it snaps into place.  

To replace the batteries, insert a flat blade screwdriver into the front slot and twist. Slide both old batteries out and the new batteries in. To reinstall the cover, align the rear latches and roll the cover forward until it snaps into place. 


 The cover can be removed without removing the wall clip. Both titanium probes must be in the same puddle for it to detect water. Tamper detection depends on how the sensor is installed. 

  • Secured to a wall: Tamper is indicated when lifted off the clip. 
  • NOT secured to a wall: Tamper is indicated when the cover is removed. 

When changing the batteries replace both with new batteries.


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