Turnip Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Turnip Carbon Monoxide Sensor

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The Turnip Carbon Monoxide Sensor is a life-safety device that alarms when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are detected.


  1. Remove the mounting plate and pull the battery tab.
  2. Place the mourning plate on the ceiling exactly where you want the smoke detector and with a pencil, mark the location of the two screw holes.
  3. Taking care to avoid any electrical wiring in the ceiling, drill holes using a 5.0mm drill bit through the center of the marked locations. Push the plastic screw anchors provided into the drilled holes, and screw the mounting plate to the ceiling.
  4. Carefully line up the carbon monoxide detector on the base, gently press the carbon monoxide sensor back on & twist (this connects the batteries)


  1. Do not mount the CO sensor behind a door, cabinet, or other furniture - the sensor needs to be exposed to open air to operate correctly. Additionally, do not install within 3 feet of cooking appliances, hot air vents, or in areas where the sensor may be exposed to water.
  2. If there is only one potential source of CO (eg. a gas furnace), then the sensor can be mounted nearby that potential source. If, however, there is more than one potential source (a gas stove, a fireplace, and a furnace), then the CO sensor should be mounted just outside of rooms where people are sleeping.


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