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General FAQ

General FAQ

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Full Service

With the recent trend in DIY security, why would I need a representative or technician to help secure my home?

Although DIY security systems are a great solution for protecting your home, there’s still a benefit to having a representative customize the ideal system for your home in addition to the professional installation. Products such as smart thermostats, smart door locks, wall-mounted touchpads, and outdoor cameras are only available under the full-service solution as they require advanced installation procedures.

Is a professionally installed system better than a DIY system?

Both options come with their unique benefits, therefore it’s dependant on what the individual's needs are. Despite the increased costs of a full-service option, you gain access to additional equipment and an extended warranty.

Will my security system still operate if my power or internet goes out?

Turnip’s full-service security systems come with a 24-hour back-up battery as well as the cellular back-up card. What does this mean? In the event your power goes out, the back-up battery will keep your system operating under normal conditions. Likewise, if your internet drops you will still have full control over your security system as the cellular back-up card connects your system to the local cell networks.

DIY Service

I’m not the greatest with technology, will I be able to set this up myself?

Yes! Your security system comes pre-programmed, meaning we’ve taken care of the hard part. It’s as simple as plugging in your new operating panel to a power source and sticking up the security sensors using the included 3M tape. In the event you get stuck at any point, our support team will guide you through the rest!

Is a DIY system better than a professionally installed system?

Both options come with their unique benefits, therefore it’s dependant on what the individual's needs are. DIY systems tend to be lower in cost, have a simplified equipment range, and don’t require a long-term commitment.

Can I take my system with me when I move?

Yes, an added benefit to a DIY system is the easy installation which results in an easy takedown. In the event, you must move, simply box up the equipment and take it to your next location.

Camera Service

How are the video clips stored?

We include 1000 clips of cloud storage with every account which are also backed up on an internal micro SD, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Are the cameras battery-powered or wired?

We believe in protecting your home with the highest level of security, which is why our WiFi-based cameras still require being plugged in via a power cable. By not using batteries, you’ll never have to worry about whether your camera is operating normally and never risk losing out on important video footage

Will I be able to speak to people through my cameras?

All Turnip cameras come with two-way audio, allowing you to stay connected with your pets & family at home or to warn intruders of your presence. With a simple push to talk functionality (which can be disabled), add a second layer of protection and comfort to your home security system.

If you have any further questions about our products, packages, or service, please contact a customer services representative at support@turniphome.com or at 1-833-488-7647.

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